Leonard Daniels


Nonliterary Allusion  

Nonliterary Allusion

An award winning work of compelling depth and sensitivity, Nonliterary Allusion is a provocative and captivating trek into the compelling frontier of visual interpretation and nonlinear narrative.

Unbound by the restraints of either abstraction or realism, this elegant work lingers in a timeless universe of its very own.  Thoughtfully conceived and delicately fashioned, the work is a novel and refreshing inquiry into the essence of symbolic representation. 

The title - Nonliterary Allusion - is sort of long hand way of suggesting that this work is a visual version of literary allusion used by writers.  

A captivating work done with a tightly controlled pallete of pale blue and pinkish gray is silhouetted by dark brown and a deep rusty red.  This is contrasted by black, white and gray.

Artist’s Comments:
“The arching background was done intuitively without any real planning. I did however put considerable consideration into whether or no to put the gray rectangle in the foreground.” – Leonard Daniels

Finalist Award 23rd Annual Artist’s Magazine Art Competition.

 2006 Fall/Winter American Juried Art Salon Show

Jury Comments:
“A strong horizontal axis intersecting with arcs give this work a pleasing dynamism that is quite dramatic to view.”  -  American Juried Art Salon 

Sweeping arcs and long triangular points of dark brown and rust converge in the upper left quadrant behind black rectangle and a cruciform of white. A small gray rectangle to the left of center is intersected by a horizontal line of white while a black line intersects the main cruciform. In the foreground lies a gray rectangle.

Medium and Supports:
Acrylic paint on canvas panel.

24 x 18 inches